Divided States of Motherhood

There’s a lot of pressure on mothers to be perfect, but it’s a toxic concept. In this episode, Divided States of Women digs into the unfair standards around ability and child-rearing. We talk to Robyn Powell, an expert on disability law and a mother who has battled being considered “unsuitable” for parenting, but is doing so successfully, joyfully, and lovingly.

Released January 24, 2018

My role in producing this video:

  • Credited as: Associate Producer
  • Found and booked expert Robyn Powell and pre-interviewed her as well as coordinated with her for the logisitics of the video shoot. Followed up with her regarding legal details and promotional information.
  • Found and licensed all necessary archival material, which includes all video clips and photographs
  • Worked closely with video editor and producers on the episode narrative to ensure flow, cohesion and factual accuracy
  • Fact-checked the script and graphics in post-production


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