Divided States of American History

Why are there so few monuments dedicated to women? This episode addressed which sort of historical figures actually get recognized. American history does not give women equal representation, and that’s reflected in our statues. We spoke to Sarah Eagle Heart, an indigenous rights activist, what it means to be left out of history.

Released December 7, 2017

My role in producing this video:

  • Credited as: Associate Producer
  • Booked and pre-interviewed all guests and talent (including the child actors who appear at the end of the video). Coordinated their arrival to set and followed up regarding releases and other legal materials
  • Compiled an extensive fact sheet on the topic of selective historical representation of women and people of color.
  • Fact-checked the script and graphics in post production
  • Found and licensed all necessary archival material, which includes video clips and photographs
  • Worked closely with video editor and producers on the episode narrative to ensure flow, cohesion and factual accuracy


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