Divided States of Sexual Violence

This episode aims to answer: Most perpetrators of sexual violence are men, so why do we call it a women’s issue? The DSOW team spoke with masculinity expert Jackson Katz about why sexual violence is not reframed as an issue that also affects men. We also spoke to NJ based teacher Nicholas Ferroni and his students about their Boys to Men club and the role young men want to play in gender equality.

Released November 2, 2017

My role in producing this video:

  • Credited as: Associate Producer
  • Booked and pre-interviewed all guests (Jackson Katz, Nicholas Ferroni and students). Coordinated their arrival to set and followed up regarding releases and other legal materials
  • Conducted extensive research regarding sexual violence and gender norms prior to script writing
  • Fact-checked the script and graphics in post production
  • Found and licensed all necessary archival material, which includes video clips and photographs
  • Worked closely with video editor and producers on the episode narrative to ensure flow, cohesion and factual accuracy


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