Divided States of Social Media

Why do we shame young women for using social media when it has the power to change the world? In this episode, we tackled the stigma surrounding “internet activism.” We interview Vilissa Thompson, the disability activist who started the hashtag #DisabilityTooWhite, and Mari Colpeny, who is more famously referred to as Little Miss Flint.

Released November 16, 2017

My role in producing this video:

  • Credited as: Segment Producer
  • Booked Mari and Vilissa as well as pre-interviewed them and coordinated their arrival to the interviews
  • Found and licensed all necessary archival material, which includes all video clips and photographs
  • Worked closely with video editor and producers on the episode narrative to ensure flow, cohesion and factual accuracy
  • Fact-checked the script and graphics in post-production


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