The Definition of Plagiarism According to the Trump Campaign

~ 7 minutes to read

To summarize, the arguments against plagiarism that the Trump camp are making are as followed:

1. The speeches were not verbatim to one another.
2. Even if a few of the ideas were similar, the majority of the speech was original.
3. Even if she did plagiarize, she never intended to.

According to Harvard, this is enough to be considered an academic integrity violation.

6 Ways to Respect Fat People While Discussing Your Fitness Regimen

~ 1 minute to read

To put it simply, the fitness world is full of fatphobia. It’s how the capitalist structure of the weight loss industry has managed to operate for so long. You don’t have to look all that hard to find fitness “experts” insisting that “now is the time to lose that belly fat for good.”

Because of this landscape, it’s sometimes difficult to discuss being active and working out without engaging in fatphobic rhetoric.